Bonus Emily Dickinson links


Here’s someone that notes that the sublime Randall Munroe of had some fun with Emily Dickinson. Her post also reminds us of the Gilligan’s Island theme connection. I do like that Munroe has fun with the possibility that Emily was a bit of bad-ass, which the poetry says she was.

This video has lots of laughs, particularly for the introverts among us.

And for those who would note that the comic characterization in that video isn’t true to Emily Dickinson, here one that’s true to Dickenson’s power, still has a some jokes, while noting that use of hymn meter. Wish I could talk that fast and coherently.

Emily Dickinson

Bad-ass? No, just keep thinking I’m only a dainty lovelorn lady.

No Parlando Project music links on this one, but we’ll be back with more on Winter soon.

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