Words, Music

One of my favorite attempts to define poetry is to call it “Words that want to break into song”.

What is it that poetry wants to do by striving to sing? I think it wants to include the pure pleasure of sound and rhythm to words. It wants that like a lover wants their beloved. It’s not a clever plan. Poetry’s desire here is not some technique, some tactic to dress up words in a fancy way. It just wants it.

And what about music? Well, it’s got its drives, its desires too. It wants to find its logic, its pattern. It’s always speaking to time, saying to time that it knows better than time itself how time sounds and moves. Music is always explaining to time what it contains.

I’m Not Here Yet

This is something of a temporary blog as I look at options for my next online project which will launch in 2016.

What’s that project to be?

It’s going to be called: Parlando – the place where music and words meet. I’m planning to feature words (mostly poetry) with music (various) with a regular podcast feed that you will be able to subscribe to.

I’m hoping the variety of music and words will surprise and delight you.  At times it’s going to be topical, and at times it’s going to presume to be timeless. Sometimes it will be noisy music with lots of parts rubbing and grating against the groove, and sometimes it will be a single acoustic instrument. At least at the start, I’m going to be the voice you hear most of the time, but my voice will often be playing a character. Some of the words I’m going to use will be mine, but they will also be words from anywhere.

Some of the other goals: words are going to be put into a new context by the music,  and you’re going to share some of the emotions from other lives