O honey-bees, come build in the empty house of the stare

I have my partisan convictions, you may have them too. And yes, our particular governmental and economic  institutions are imperfect instruments. Natural forces only partially in our control and as small as a virus and as large as a changing atmosphere are still arrayed against not just our nation, but our planet. Proud racial and ethnic caste systems divide our forces against these things.

How to be humble and not loose heart? How to rejoice if there are things to do? Well, I believe that without joy we cannot achieve any needed changes or maintain any necessary things—but there’s much I don’t know, and as with all the things I think or say, my beliefs and actions are less important than yours, particularly if you are younger than I am. Laugh at all that clap-trap about named generations with variant but supposedly sharp an defended borders and a fixed list of characteristics like some crummy astrological sign summary. You are, or you need to be, The Greatest Generation.

White House and the US Capitol

William Butler Yeats said about his country a century ago: O honey-bees/Come build in the empty house of the stare.

I hope to have new audio pieces with posts  in the next week, and there are lots of them already posted here. Here’s one of those older pieces you may not have heard yet, featuring the words, voice, and keyboard playing of Dave Moore titled “No Common Ground.”  The player gadget to hear it is below.


3 thoughts on “O honey-bees, come build in the empty house of the stare

  1. I presume that is Dave Moore of Iowa City, right? I live in Iowa City and have heard him play many times over the years. My older brother knows him. It’s interesting to come across someone from this town in a blog. How did you come to work with Moore?


    1. This Dave Moore is another Dave Moore, and what’s worse for the nominal order of the universe, the Parlando Project Dave Moore has Iowa connections too, and I met this Project’s Dave Moore originally in Iowa. A couple of autumns back I did a little series here on this Dave Moore:






      Dave’s played keyboards with me for over 40 years, and besides the keyboard playing, you can hear his words and voice on a number of pieces that have appeared here.

      I’ve never met the Iowa City Dave Moore even though I’ve been at the edges of circles that also encompassed that Dave Moore and even though I have relatives who’ve long lived in the Iowa City area. I do know a bit of his musical work, particularly with Greg Brown. I’m sure that my Dave and your Dave have not met either, but if they ever do? Oh man–the universe would expand and contract at the same time and its outer fabric might rupture!

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