August launch for Parlando – The Place Where Music and Words Meet

Things are now in motion for “Parlando – The Place Where Music and Words Meet” to launch in August 2016. There’s going to be a podcast that will let you easily get and listen to the the new pieces as soon as they are released, so stay tuned for news on that.

The new pieces  are going to the the same, and different, than the ones here.

The same in that I’m going to combine words from different sources, and I’m going to be the reader on most of them, at least to start with. And things are going to be short, performances that you can deal with in the same amount of time you could in dealing with other forms of music, two to ten minutes. The audio pieces will be Music and Words Meeting, not words explaining. I don’t mind folks talking about writing, but I also don’t like that sort of thing getting in the way of enjoying the performances. Like the samples already here, the audio is going to remain purely performance. Sure, there will be posts like you’ve seen here about the background of the pieces, but I won’t let it in the way of the audio.

Different, in that there’s going to be more of them and my goal has always been to keep things as varied as the project’s resources allow. If you want to look forward, most of what has been already recorded during the past year has been rock’n’roll—that quaint 20th century form with loud guitars, bass, drums and keyboards—so that’s going to be heavily represented in the first new episodes. But don’t fear: bad jazz, electronic music, and wierdo folk/world music will find it’s way here too. Initially the words are going to be mostly from myself or a handful of local Minnesota writers where the rights issues can be handled easily, and from the those things that are out of copyright.

Thanks again for those that found me and listened to the test pieces posted here. Get ready to spread the word about Parlando – The Place Where Music and Words Meet.

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